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Awards & Honors
Leslie B. Vosshall honored with the Dickson Prize in Medicine

Our scientists are remarkably productive and empowered to perform at their best. That’s why we have an unparalleled concentration of researchers and traineesrecognized with top awards—including the world’s most prestigious bioscienceprizes.

Recent Awards & Honors

National Academy of Sciences
Paul Bieniasz
Bieniasz’s research on the viruses that cause HIV and COVID has helped the scientific community respond to two of the biggest public health threats of our time.
Tang Prize in Biopharmaceutical Science
Svetlana Mojsov
Princess of Asturias Award for Technical & Scientific Research
Jeffrey M. Friedman
Princess of Asturias Award for Technical & Scientific Research
Svetlana Mojsov
Searle Scholar
Jiankun Lyu
Warren Triennial Prize
Svetlana Mojsov
Paul Bieniasz
Titia de Lange
NCI Outstanding Investigator Award
Titia de Lange
AAI-BD Biosciences Investigator Award
Gabriel D. Victora
Tri-I Breakout Prize for Junior Investigators
Naama Aviram, Ph.D.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Medal
Elaine Fuchs
Academia Europaea
Jean-Laurent Casanova
Michelson Prize
Dennis Schaefer-Babajew
Maria I. New International Prize
Jean-Laurent Casanova
Max Delbruck Prize
Eric D. Siggia

Awards given by

Pearl Meister Greengard Award

The Pearl Meister Greengard Prize is an international award recognizing outstanding women in biomedical research.

Svetlana Mojsov is the 2024 recipient of the PMG Prize. Her groundbreaking discovery of GLP-1 and its role as a glucose-dependent inducer of insulin secretion led to the development of new medicines for type 2 diabetes mellitus, and more recently as potent weight-loss drugs that prevent heart attacks.

Lewis Thomas Prize

The Lewis Thomas Prize is an international award for writing about science that honors the rare individuals who bridge the worlds of science and the humanities.

The 2024 awardee, , is a theoretical physicist who is honored for his book, There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness.” His writings have delighted and informed millions of people in 45 languages, spurring readers to think deeply about topics in the scientific arena and beyond.