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Who we are

The world’s leading biomedical research university, Rockefeller draws top scientists and graduate students from around the world in pursuit of one mission: to conduct science for the benefit of humanity.
Vanessa Ruta
Rockefeller commits unparalleled intellectual and practical support to junior faculty, encouraging us to tackle bold and risky scientific questions from the day we begin our labs.

Our history

Those developing tomorrow’s medicine are backed by a century-long legacy of challenging conventional knowledge.
Ali Brivanlou
The strength of the university comes from our tradition of allowing the principal investigator to perform his or her projects in a way that is not handcuffed or restricted by bureaucracy.


Our nimble organizational structure is designed to speed progress. Unrestricted by bureaucracy, our scientists are free to move in whichever direction their research takes them, and poised to perform at their best.
Rick Lifton
Our collective clarity of purpose—science for the benefit of humanity—is one of our greatest strengths.

State of the art campus

We invented the modern bioscience institute, and we’ve spent the past 123 years perfecting it. Within our campus, labs employ the latest technology to answer the toughest questions in their fields. And right outside is New York City, a mecca for culture and ideas, and a burgeoning hub for biomedical translation.

We’re growing!

Completed in 2019, our campus expansion adds two acres and 135,600 square feet of new research space.

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Mission statement: Science for the benefit of humanity.

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